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faux carnival glass


This entry is for my cardin' friends, so to my friends and family, just enjoy the view and ignore all the technical stuff, OK?
Here's a few trial samples of this technique I learned at my LSS. It's hot melted ultra thick embossing powder, overlayed with fantasy film, then stamped. We used glass, a melting pot and a craft sheet, but I used chipboard and a toaster oven/parchment paper to melt the UTEE. If you try this technique, you'll need to melt multiple layers of UTEE so it is nice and thick. While the UTEE is still hot, quickly lay on the fantasy film and stamp immediately. Lift your stamp when it has cooled. Trim off the excess embossing and fantasy film with a scissors, and you can further finish the edge by melting it on the hot surface (my cookie sheet with parchment paper overlay), or using a metallic finishing tape on the edge (soldering supplies). Change the overall look by selecting different colors embossing powder and fantasy film colors. Endless possibilities as the heat also changes the fantasy film surface. Let me know if you try it!
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Cook22 said...

Thanks for linking me to this - I will definitely have a go. Always happy to try out a new technique at least twice. Especially when it looks as stunning as these!
Sabrina (Cook22, SCS)