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thanks for a great ride

I made this card about a month ago for teacher appreciation week. I used a class picture that the teacher had on the school web page, printed it out, and used it to make this giant 7in x 30in card. The teacher's picture is in the bus driver position on the card.
If you need a special card for a special someone, let me know!
Thanks for stopping by,


purse mini-scrapbook

Well it's been a long time since I've last posted on this blog! The walls have been painted and computer repaired, but I still haven't set foot in my craft studio. I made this commissioned project this past fall for a Christmas gift. The receiver now has it, so it's safe to post. It was filled up with pictures and messages from their grandkids, but I didn't get any pictures of those additions. The inserts pull out for more pictures and handwritten notes.


Blah! Computer issues

Just a quick note to all that may be checking in on me from time to time. I'm having computer laptop problems and so have been away for awhile. I'm using an ancient desktop now and it's slow going, so I may not be very active online. It sure feels weird being offline, but I'm working on painting the living room, dining room, hallways and bedroom. See you all later!


create a scene accordian card

This card was made especially for my mom and her hubby. They enjoy spending time at the cabin, and fishing is a frequent activity. I always use my mom as a guinea pig when I try something for the first time. She'll always like it no matter how it turns out!
For those of you who might like to try this kind of card, my tip would be to work with only 3 layers deep. This one ended up pretty thick so I presented it all wrapped up a tied in a bow.
I always enjoy making a card with a specific somebody in mind so even though it took a lot of time to make, it was a fun process. Thanks for stopping by today!


Library card class

Last week at our local library I taught a fun group of kids and parents a little card making class. I'm posting the samples I prepped and a few pictures from the evening so that everyone could come here to see them. They made some great-looking cards and it was fun to see the creativity of everyone. I love how the students were willing to change things up to make it their own.
So, if you are a visiting student, welcome to my blog! I'll load up some pictures each day for a few days. So if you don't see yourself today, check back later this week, or use the subscribe button on the left to get an email notice for when I've updated here. And feel free to drop me a comment to give me some feedback on what you liked about the class and even if something didn't really work for you. I had a lot of fun and might even open up another evening in my home or at the local coffee shop for some more open studio-type stuff if there is some interest. (you'd pay a supplies fee and then I can let you loose with some of the tools and papers I've collected over the years!) Let me know if you might be interested in that and I can get back to you.
Thanks everyone for stopping by today!


image swap card


I made this card this fall for a same image swap. How it works is that each person who signs up is sent the same basic stamped image to work with (in this case, the brown flower image stamped on white paper), then we make our cards, send it to our assigned partner, then post them online for all to see. It's really fun to see how each person will have a different creative take on the same item.
I colored in the image with colored pencils and blended them with odorless mineral spirits. I also used a bit of alcohol markers for accents and for the background (notice the brick-looking background).

I liked it so much I made this card as a bday card for my mom with the extra image that was sent. Thanks for stopping by today!
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